” Whimsical and hypnotic.”
-Music is My Radar​​

Drea & the Marilyns, a 3 piece indie pop outfit, has been through numerous reiterations from South Korea to San Diego. It currently comprises of 3 formally trained musicians who met at a weekly jam session held at Moore Brother’s Music, a mom and pop music store located in the Greater Seattle Area where they all work. The three then realized that they worked so well together sonically and decided to be in a band together.

Drea & the Marilyns comprises of Drea Marilyn (vocals, guitar, bass), Toni McGowan (vocals, piano, violin), and Arthur Sagami (sax, clarinet, and flute). Their sound has been compared to Sade, meets KT Tunstall with a bossa nova and pop feel.

Although the trio all teaches music full time and participates in various groups in the community, they manage to keep a busy schedule playing locally around the Seattle area.

Drea & the Marilyns have toured internationally all around Asia and North America playing well known venues such as Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, and Hae Bang Chon Fest in Seoul. They’re featured single ‘Moons’ have been nominated for WomeninCharg3 2015. In 2018, Drea & Marilyns’ single ‘Calgary’ received rave reviews from numerous outlets, such as Stereo Stickman: “The music is powerful, floating along somewhere between indie-pop and trip-hop, keeping the mood light initially but offering just enough of that crispness – the edge of the beat, the evolving sense of weight, the growing energy of the electronic elements, even the poetic nature of the lyrics.”

Currently,  Drea Marilyn, is releasing her last single as a solo artist ‘Everything to Me’ a Lips cover. The band is working on recording a full length this upcoming year and is planning on releasing the highly anticipated singles: Bad Feeling and Bed of Ashes.