"​I actually found this sumptuous single be an addictive piece of indie rock, the lyrics had been superbly written and at the same time I was left in an utter trance.  Finally Drea & The Marilyns have something extremely special. The material they have underneath their belt is literally outstanding. Plus Drea has a gift for writing sensational songs." -Music is my Radar

"Drea Marilyn is joined by guest vocalist, Jonathan Lacayo, creating a fiery chemistry, that folds into the rhythmic atmosphere of the music with ease." - Brash! Magazine

"“ Singer-songwriter Drea Marilyn, who records under the moniker Drea & the Marilyn" - Hype Magazine​

Exclusive Interview at Review Fix.​

​"Sonic Embers." - The Record Stache

"Glisten and undulated under layers of beautiful instrumentation" - Volatile Weekly

" an innate sense of airy effortlessness that enraptures the listener from start to finish" - Cheatbook Magazine​